Storage at controlled temperature

We provide a service of foodstorage with regulated positive refrigeration an at ambient temperature. Our warehouses are equipped with a regulating system which continuously control the ambient temperature.  Your goods are thus stored at a constant temperature and kept in the best conditions. We guarantee in this way the cold chain integrity

Goods reception and control

Each delivery is subject to a strict control and the best storage. We ensure the reception and the control of food on a 24 hour/7 day basis. Our warehouses are open day and night. Our offices are open from Monday morning to Saturday noon to schedule the unloading of your goods.

Physical and computer stock management

Our logistic center in Herstal has a capacity of 7 500 pallets: 5 000 pallets in positive refrigeration and 2 500 pallets at ambient temperature. The stock level is permanently controlled. Our skilled staff ensures the follow up of your goods, particularly with sophisticated IT tools.

Order preparation in pallet and/or picking

We ensure the picking, sorting and grouping the stored goods in the warehouse according to your requirements and dealines. To ensure a high quality service, we make sure to maximize the productivity by cost calculation and an optimal planning management.

Goods delivery

Your goods can be stored, then grouped and made available for carriers.


Our system WMS (Warerhouse Management System) allows the traceability of the goods from the reception till the expedition.

Administrative follow up

Our team ensures a complete follow u of your file, from the data recording till the invoicing. We keep for you all the additional information as well.